Girlfriend drives matey to see boyfriend in her taxi

April 06, 2017


Bragga dap brap brap brap! Wah gwaan TamFam? Bless up unuh self inna di day ya enuh. And nuh badda mek nobody stress unuh and crasses draw unuh dung. Str8!

On to di drama:

Twitter Mixup!!

Unuh hear bout di big helleva mixup weh buss ova Twitter wah day? It hot lakka wah. Mi know nuff a unuh know bout it already cause it gaan viral. But fi all who nuh know, mek mi gi unuh a quick, shortened version a di main points.

So, dis woman and har man deh and relationship a gwaan good. One a di ways dem link is fi she go ova him yaad go stay. Dis one time di dawg say him madda sick bad and him haffi go visit har inna di other state weh she live. Him woman undastand, and dem arrange fi she sleep ova him yaad di night before him fly out fi him madda. So said so done, and next mawning di dawg push out fi di airport, and she lef fi go pon har work.

Di woman drive fi Uber, a taxi service. When she deh pon di job, she get a call fi pick a passenger, who was a woman. She pick up di passenger and di two a dem start reason. Di passenger explain dat she was excited cause she jus fly een fi visit har man. Di passenger start gi har directions to har man house, while di two a dem deh deh a discuss relationships, etc.


Passenger excited


Afta a while di driver start notice say di passenger a direct har to the complex weh har man live. She neva too pree nuttin at dat point. But lo and behold, di passenger carry har right weh har man live! Then she see har man car at di house, which it shouldn't be, cause him did drive it out fi lef it a airport on him way to visit him mumma. Then shock and stress tek har when she see har man happily roll out fi greet di passenger as him woman, and di passenger excited fi see har man! Same time di man see say a him fuss woman a drive di Uber. Him woman move to him fi beat out him nastiniss and him run to claat! Den unuh nuh know say di passenger bright enough say she a defend di man and immediately move to di driver! Waaaaiiiieeee! Hell and powda house bruk weh out deh! Fight! Di driver pap har claat! Beat dung!

It end up dat di passenger and di man seal weh inna di house. But di passenger lef har two suitcase dem inna di fuss woman taxi. Di man now end up a text him fuss woman fi bring back di passenger tings. But di fuss woman nuh do nutten betta than tek weh di passenger tings, including har pad dem an bare sittin. All a wear up har expensive shades and a tek pics inna dem and a post di pics wid bare hype a say di tings dem a fi har own now. Woooiiiieeee!!! Bad gyal sittin! Mi cyaan badda!

If unuh nuh read di mixup yet, go pree it. It deh all ova social media now, wid whole heap more details.

Of all di taxi dem him bunna gyal coulda tek, she go tek di one weh him woman drive. Then di woman end up a drive and deliver har mate/bunna gyal/sidechick to har man. What a piece a embarrassment! Noooo sah! Massa God ... if yuh nuh busy.

Anyways, a leggomentz again. Send mi unuh met dem at See unug next Thursday same place yah so. Bless up unuh self.


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