A COLE WORL': Badmen with cartoon names

September 27, 2017
Christopher 'Shitta' Lynch

I read a news item somewhere, yesterday, that a wanted man by the name of Shitta had surrendered to the police. His given name is Christopher Lynch, one of  Clarendon's most wanted men.

Now me a ask, who the hell give badmen their names? Cause wid Duppy Film dead wha day and police still a look fe ‘Speckles’, whose given name is Niko Walters.

I know Speckles can't hide enuh,  because base pon how fee'm face full a full stop like bad grammar, he may not be on the wanted list for long.

If dem know weh me know, dem turn themselves in, all a dem.

Yuh know what I feel, I feel that Christopher Lynch o/c 'Shitta' ketch de rake enuh. Because the way how the police have been working vigorously to stamp out crime across Jamaica, yuh just might just hear a report that 'Shitta' perished after he tried to escape in nearby bushes.

Seriously though, what is it that has been influencing people to take on these names. Yuh remember when badman have name like John Wayne, Sandukan or Natty Morgan?Nowadays just pure cartoon police character the police a look for? Dawg Paw, Duppy Flim, Pit Latrine and now

I often wonder if their names and nature are one? Yuh know, like if Pit Latrine kill smaddy if he dumps their body in a Pit Latrine, and Duppy Flim, if him mek man star dem own duppy film. A wonder a what Shitta do? 

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