A COLE WORL': Anything goes inna dancehall these days

September 29, 2017
Shantel 'Thickaz' Buckley

I am hardly surprised these days when I see what people post and interact to on social media. 

Commenting on a post made by the Jamaica Star about Shantel Buckley, I said that I saw the video some time ago but was so taken aback by the stupidity and foolishness in it that I didn't want to comment further.

Shantel Buckley, the woman who allowed entertainer Ganggoolie to stand on her back at a recent party, has said the video has now caused problems in her relationship.

I felt inclined to comment on the post, particularly because the worse part about it was that I felt the 'foot stool' woman was going to brush off herself an go home to her rightful man. Well, so said, so done. The woman's relationship is now in turmoil.

I commented on a subsequent post by the Jamaica Star in the following way: "Gyal yuh too fool, a mek man climb yuh like interest rates a BNS and NCB. And is not even a slim youth, big, old silver back Ganggoolie who look like him laas him birth paper to rahtid. Anyman but dah fool deh".

Now, you know what some people are having issues with? The silver back reference. I mean, didn't they see the foolishness being perpetuated in the video? Or maybe it is the case that our moral compass is so screwed that it's anything goes inna dancehall these days.

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