A COLE WORL': Leave the local 'cameramen'

October 04, 2017

I notice that people are blaming the 'cameramen' who capture the action in instances where tragic circumstances or morbid tings happen. But why is this the case? If no one captures it pon video, how will we, and the rest of the world, see what's going on.  

Look at Trench Town hero Tremaine Brown. Just a couple days ago, his story was big news, everybaddy was talking about it. He got rewarded for his bravery with a job at Lasco, and him soon get a medal pon Heroes Day. He will also be getting a vacation package from Sandals and more gifts and surprises than some women get pon Valentines Day.

Image result for Tremaine Brown jamaica gleaner
IN PHOTO: Renaldo Reynolds (left) Tremayne Brown.

Chrissane Clarke, who claims to be the person who captured the now viral video of Tremayne Brown clutching on to Renaldo Reynolds, was mocked because she asked to be credited for her work. And now, the unknown person, who captured the St Thomas beating, is being made out as the villain.

 I believe this woman saved her child's life and everybody a chastise har. Yes the beating shouldn't have taken place wid a machete, but I believe the child's best interest was at heart. So stop blame the camera men, cause in most instances there's little they can even do.

And by the way, why Jenny Jenny nuh gwaan guh dance wid the 'Dynamites' and low de people dem pickney alone. Wha kinda fool fool questions that she a ask de pickney? 'Suh yuh madda have machete, weh she a duh wid machete? She used to chop jelly?" A mean, come on Jenny, didn't you have a chocolate to eat Tuesday morning? 

The incident happen from last year and you just find out. Why the 20/20 questions? Why she never ask the dog, Betsy how she felt? Or the animal rights people to give a comment on the matter? Jenny, yuh a duh too much dancing wid Dynamites enuh. All a dem dancing yah a get to yuh head.

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