What makes a happy relationship?

April 24, 2018


What are the indicators of a happy relationship? When I ask couples about their relationships, the knee-jerk response is to tell me how long they have been together.

Even if I ask about other people's happy relationship, they tell me how long that couple has been together. This made me wonder if time is the most important measure of a happy relationship.

I don't believe that it is. There are so many unhappy couples who have stayed together for years. Being in a happy, fulfilling relationship has so many great benefits.

People in happy relationships are healthier and happier than those who are not. Happy parents are more effective and have happy children.

So what are some of the indicators of a happy relationship?


They Like Each Other


It's possible to love someone and not like them. I know that sounds confusing, but there is a clear difference between loving and liking someone. In a relationship, happy couples actually enjoy each other's company and spend time together. Usually, individuals in a happy relationship share much in common and make a clear effort to be with each other wherever possible.


They Communicate


It is my firm belief that the key to any happy relationship is effective communication. Happy couples figure out how to express themselves to each other and this is a great tool, especially when there are instances of conflict.


They are Sexually Compatible


The state of a couple's sex life is a great way to measure their overall happiness. Typically, if the couple enjoys an active and satisfying sex life, they are usually happy overall as well. Couples who still show physical affection and are still turned on by each other will make a more meaningful effort to work out their problems and stay together as a unit.


They Support Each Other


Having someone who will always defend and cheer you on is a direct benefit of being in a relationship. In a happy relationship, that is magnified because individuals in a happy couple will always support each other and defend each other. Sometimes their support for each other is so strong, even when one of them is wrong, that doesn't change.

Finding happiness in a relationship is challenging, especially in the current environment that we live in, but it's definitely achievable. Just remember that happy relationships take effort to maintain and both individuals are required to participate there is no automatic button.

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