Don't call women whores, Mr Jennings

June 01, 2018
Pastor Gino Jennings

This week, I managed to catch bits and pieces of a kerfuffle involving entertainer Mr Vegas and television evangelist Gino Jennings. Much of it I really don't care about. As far as I am concerned, it is all a grand waste of time, more of what we do well - majoring in the minor.

However, one particular bit of what I did garner was that Mr Jennings was describing women who wear make-up, hairpieces, wigs and acrylic nails as whores. It struck me because, as a non-religious person, it always strikes me as bizarre that in this modern age, men like Mr Jennings and others like him, are still trapped 100,000 years in the past.

I am not a fan of hairpieces and false nails, but who am I to judge? My own wife wears a bit of make-up, and it brings out her incredible beauty even more. She doesn't wear acrylic nails and her locks, her beautiful locks, are her own; but I would never call a woman a whore just because she chooses to wear these things.

To me, a lot of these religious people only see women as baby producers and homemakers, and somehow it disturbs them that women have empowered themselves by getting educated, being their own bosses, not burdened by the idea of being mothers and living in the kitchen.

As far as I am concerned, a woman wears what she wants to wear and which makes her beautiful. Of course, there are exceptions, but what is more beautiful than a woman in her business suit, hair and nails well done, and she is wearing a nice pair of heels? That doesn't make her a whore, it makes her a professional.

What is even more disturbing is the women who sit there hanging on to his every word, somehow forgetting that they are women, too.

It is disturbing, very disturbing, and I would urge these women to wake the hell up.

This is, after all, 2018.

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