Propa sort out mash up man head


September 20, 2018

Wah gwaan, TamFam? So, dis man been a look dis woman fi a while now. Dem work inna di same area of New York City and always a buck up inna di street, particularly at lunch time when dem a eat at di different food places inna di area.

So, yeah ... Him always a pressure har and a put arguments to har bout how much she beautiful and how it would be him greatest pleasure fi tek har out on a date and wah and wah him can do fi har. Fi months, a so di ting set.

One day when him a do di usual and a buss sweet talk pon har, she suddenly look straight inna him yeye and tell him say him fi stop di bull and fi jus admit say a so-and-so him waan do har. She then say she inna di game long time and dat she already pick up di signs say him married. She surprise him further by saying she actually like all a dat cause she don't want fi sekkle down wid nuh man and dat she a gyal weh jus live har life in such a way weh if she see a man and she like di man an waan do a ting wid di man without deh wid di man, she will jus roll up pon him and mek him know di hundred. Den she straight-up tell him say she waan have sex wid him.


Missa man then get nervous and start buck-shuffle and a act like him a lose him confidence. She hold him hand and tell him fi come wid har cause she neva have too much time, inna har lunch time. She carry him to a Uber weh she did call aready. Five minutes time, dem deh at one nearby hotel. She carry him upstairs to a room weh she did obviously book aready. She tell him fi tek off him clothes and she tek off fi har own. Den she reel out a piece a sort-out deh pon him. Gyal gwaan wid a bag a sup'm. She did have him weak! Di whole time, a she in charge.

When she done, she tek a quick shower and come outta di bathroom and put on har clothes. Then she mash up him head further. She tell him say di sex was good and dat she like him tongue and tool, but she also said it was a one-time deal and dat it was SHE who did waan have sex with him and it was SHE who made di choice fi it happen. She tell him say him muss neva approach har again in any form and that if him so much as whispa sitten to har, she a go call police pon him and tell dem him a sexually harass har. She then kiss him pon him cheek and calmly walk outta di hotel room.

Since then, Missa Man see har all di while and cyaan say nutten to har. More while she jus look directly pon him and nuh say nutten. Right ya now, is like him inna permanent shock and nuh know wah fi do wid himself. Anytime him see har, is like him tun eediat.

Mi nuh surprise, mi know har. And a nuh di fuss time she do dem kinda sup'm deh. She get off pon it. She love fi "teach man lesson" (her words).

Anyways, a leggomentz again. See unuh next Thursday same place ya so. Bless up unuh self.


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