Dutty toilet causes prekeh

July 04, 2019

Soh dese two woman meet each other a dem workplace an became best frens. They spend so much time togeda dat co-workers staat say dem a lesbian.

One day, anneda eco-worker approach one a di two fren, who I'll call Pruns, an pinch har bout di lesbian rumors.

It mash up Pruns head wicked. It neva badda har fren dat much, but poor Pruns tek it to heart.

One day, inna di miggle a di big ole floor weh nuff a di employees dem located, Pruns tan up pon a chair an staat loudly cuss out all who did a spread di rumor.

She even explain say she and di fren not even know weh dem one anodda live.

All a di worker dem jus listen har in silence, wid di exception of a few who did a laugh likkle bit.

Anyways, a few weeks afta har dramatic declaration, Pruns staat date a new man.

One day, she mek him come a fi har place. Di man goh use har bathroom, but wen him goh een deh, har tylit did dutty bad-bad!

Di tylit was so nasty an disgusting dat it immediately turn off di general.


Di dawg roll outa Ms Lady bathroom an cuss har dawg rotten, say she too damn nasty. Di man get bex an cut, an tell har say him done wid har.

Pruns get upset bad, an of course she run go pour out har soul to har bes fren.

One day now, di best fren a talk to a male co-worker who a check fi Pruns.

But di bes fren tell him say him a goh be disgusted wid har dutty tylit. But she neva tell him say she know bout di tylit because Pruns tell har.

Because a dat, di bredda believe di bes fren did a goh a Pruns yaad after all. And den him rememba wen Pruns tek God offa di cross say she an di bes fren neva eva goh each oda yaad.

Di bredda tek dis fi mean say di lesbian rumours did true.

Di bredda was also di office mouta-massie, an him did goh roun an tell every co-worker how him get 'proof' of di lesbian move.

Pruns couldn't manij di whole drama. She en up lef di wuk fi avoid some serious nerves breakdung. Poor ting.

Anyways, leggomentz again. Gwaan watch unu headback an doan tek nuh cayliss check out deh. Mannaz an blessings. See unu nex week. Protection.


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