Nesbeth gets US work permit


October 05, 2015

Nesbeth gets US work permit

Coming on the heels of his recent exploits in Europe and the United Kingdom over the last two months, reggae firebrand Nesbeth has been officially cleared to entertain fans in the United States (US).

The Rastafarian singer recently received clearance from the US Embassy after he was granted a three-year work permit for that country. Though not his first time on US soil, the singer says he is very pleased with the admission, noting that the US is a very important market for entertainers across the globe to ply their trade amid brand


"The US market is one of the biggest consumers of music in the world, and so it's very important as an artiste when you have clearance to visit these spaces and promote yourself. Aside from the obvious earning capability, it also provides an opportunity to expand your brand and solidify one's fan base through having a physical presence," Nesbeth said.

The Taste Victory singer also intimated that plans were already afoot for a North American tour in the months ahead based on an upsurge in demand for his music.


"Subsequent to the tour and release of my EP Victory, we have been getting a lot of positive feedback from various industry players across North America, which has led to my team deciding to organise a tour. For those who wish to see Nesbeth on their favourite concert stage, they can contact my management at and make the necessary contractual arrangements," Nesbeth said.

During his previous stint almost four years ago, the Jamaican performed at a number of major festivals and club shows in various states, including New York, California, and Florida.

The benevolent entertainer is promoting his latest effort, My Dream, slated for official release soon.

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