Deja promoting Black Egypt


October 08, 2015
Contributed Deja

New female artiste Deja, is ready to take the world by storm with her latest single Black Egypt.

Black Egypt, as the name suggests, is about Egypt during its dark period and what went on in the bedrooms of the Egyptians when the lights went out. The song itself entails sex life, love life and infidelity also reflecting sexual desires and not being able to ignore or control them.

"The lyrics are very clean as I write my music to appeal to all audiences; I write from the soul so even though I speak of infidelity and sex, it still is expressed in a pure form," said Deja.

The pop-soul track, which is exclusively produced by Deja and features production work from Dre Day and Markus Myrie, was released last month. The release was followed by a music video which was shot by Simeon Hedge and released last week.

The music video is of course Egyptian themed. It is set along the coast of the Red Sea and depicts the start of Deja's musical journey to greatness.

Deja said she hopes Black Egypt will open doors for her musically. "Even if it doesn't take over the Billboard charts, my goal is to make a big enough mark that my next single or album does. I also want to prove that I am a good producer, as it is important to me that I have major creative control of my art," said Deja.

Deja is currently working on her EP, which is set to be released early next year.

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