Heavy metal Usain * German musician uses bolts and screws to make statue of athlete


October 09, 2015
Contributed German reggae artiste Gentleman (centre), visual artiste and musician Diedel Kloever (left) and his wife artiste wife Sister Gracie, pose in front of the Bolt statue.
Contributed The Bolt statue

Heavy metal Usain

• German musician uses bolts and screws to make statue of athlete

Thousands of fans have been converging on an exhibition dubbed 'Yard Art' in the town of Varel, Germany to see 'Bolt of Bolts' a larger-than-life iron image of the track superstar Usain Bolt.

Fuelled by Bolt's exploits on the track at the World Championships in Beijing, China, the statue has been drawing throngs of crowds, and attracting the attention of German newspapers and television stations in recent weeks.

German musician Diedel Kloever, 54, a visual artist born in Varel, is enthusiastic that the statue has been drawing such large crowds. "Bolt is a sprint extraordinaire, one of the greatest that the world has ever seen. I am really proud to have ties with Jamaica," said Kloever, whose wife is Jamaican, Marcia Kloever aka Sista Gracy, a reggae singer from St Mary. "A lot of people came to see the statue at the same time Bolt was running in Beijing, even a famous German movie star was here and took pictures with the statue."

The statue, made entirely of bolts and screws was inspired by Bolt's world record-breaking run in Berlin 2009, and was completed in 2012 after an exhausting, exhaustive labour of love by its creator. Battered tin platings were used for the athlete's clothing, and even the Puma logo - made of three tongs and a crane hook - is included.

"It was hard to get it done, it needed a certain amount of skill, and I had it. it was particularly tricky with the face and head since Bolt never actually came to the yard for me to model the work, so I had to use pictures and it worked out really good," Kloever said.

Bolt has never actually visited the statue, but he did repost a link to the photo of the

statue on his Facebook page.

"A lot of people have approached me to buy the statue, but I cannot do that, this is my gift to the people. I can't hide it, thats why it is in my sculpture garden in Varel," he said. Kloever once played bass for the Herbman band known throughout Germany for songs

like My Praises, a collaboration with Sugar Minott, 12 years ago refocused on his creative side and began welding unique creations from scrap metal.

"Every piece of metal had a life before and I transformed it into something else," he said.

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