The Outcomes sparks with Bamboo Man


October 26, 2015
File The Outcome

The local dancehall scene has exploded with the arrival of a hot new single, 'Bamboo Man', by The Outcome. Released four weeks ago, the single has become a sensation at dances all over the Corporate Area because of the raw content.

The song is also becoming popular because of the trend it started - buxom, young women prance in the dance carrying unwieldy pieces of wood.

"The girls can't enough of the Bamboo Man song at Nipples Tuesday and Sidekick Tuesdays. The girl dem run out with some bamboo and ah run up and down with it. Dem a do limbo dance with it ... very creative. It was crazy! Right now, The Outcome find it," Tami, The Outcome's manager, said.

Bamboo Man was produced by The Outcome, and the high-tempo, infectious rhythm has made it a hit among dancers.

"TC created a dance to it, and it went viral on her Instagram page. All the girls dem love it. The song was featured on Dancehalldaily and Celeb Gozzip web pages, so it is burning up the Internet, at least 1,000 views go on the YouTube link every day.

"Dancehall personalities such as Panaknock and Sadiki are endorsing it; and the girls like the Swat Twins, Chrissy Rebel, Wanda, Chromazz, Isabella and Candy, everybody ah do the Bamboo Man dance. The song gone, the girls dem a buss it!" Tami said.

"The radio has been supportive, too, with ZJ Ice, DJ Rodrick, Nicco, Damion and DJ Fresh giving the song a crazy endorsement on radio."

You can follow the artiste @theoutcome_official.

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