Mink Jo releases 'Work' video

March 11, 2016
Mink Jo

Just three weeks after she released her cover of Rihanna's hit song, 'Work,' Mink Jo has released the video to her dancehall remix featuring up-and-coming artiste Anarchie.

The sexy, young artiste, often described as having a sound similar to the Barbados-born, global superstar, wanted to add her own flavour to the song by adding a verse to the chart-topper.

Mink Jo said she was pleased with the outcome as the video does a whole lot more than showcase her image and talent. "This video might be one of my favourite videos for a very long time, and I'm hoping everyone will feel the same way I do," she said.

"I got to really show my life in Kingston, Jamaica, through my eyes."

Mink Jo expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the production team which, she said, worked hard to bring the project to life.

"Thanks to Arrdublu Media for helping me achieve this and Fahrenheit, who directed this video," she said.

"It's definitely a good look for me, and I hope you all love it!"

Video aside, the charming young woman continues to burn the candle at both ends as she builds her career.

She is already planning on releasing another single, Sorry, produced by French DJ, DJ Mo, and features I Candy, sister of Nyla and Nyanda of now-defunct Brick & Lace.

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