Tony Rebel fights discrimination

March 18, 2016
Tony Rebel

Tony Rebel sends a strong message against discrimination with his new single, 'My Dread', produced by TMMG and distributed by VPAL.

My Dread speaks about the ongoing problem of Rastafarians being marginalised because of how they wear their hair.

"It is bringing awareness to people that the discrimination against external appearance should really be stopped. It's like when Martin Luther King would have said, 'Don't judge a man by the colour of his eyes but by the content of his character'.

"As a Rasta, a man judges you because you have long hair. He thinks that you are a smoker, and it doesn't have to be like that. A man who grows his hair can be a very respectable citizen. He can be a very professional person, and he can just be a very good citizen. So the song is saying, simply, just dont't judge a man because the first thing you see is his hair."

My Dread has been generating positive feedback, Rebel revealed.

"We have sent it all over and, everybody, so far, has been responding in a positive way. Internationally, too, people have been calling a whole lot, been doing interviews and, most of all, the industry has been saying 'thanks', they want to hear more from people like Tony Rebel," he said.

"People know that when we are in, we are in with fun and good messages, so people like hear that. It's a refreshing thing to a whole lot of people."

TMMG has been working on a concept for the accompanying music video, which it plans to release soon. Rebel said he plans on doing more work with them on future projects.

"A seed is sown, and once it bears fruit other seeds will come again," he said.

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