Perfect timing for Busy, Chris Martin

May 02, 2016
Chris Martin
Busy Signal

Synchronicity! That is what Busy Signal believes has led to the success that he and fellow entertainer Chris Martin have been enjoying in their recent successful collaborations. The two are riding high with their hot single 'Steppin', and both are featured on Martin's 'Big Deal' jingle for KFC.

As the story goes, Martin had done the single and awaiting publication when Busy Signal heard it being played in Big Yard CEO Robert Livingston's office, liked it and wanted to be on it. Livingston then summoned Martin who was playing football at the time for him to come observe Busy as he laid out a new element for the song. The rest as they say is history.

The song has been doing well in the United Kingdom and in cities like Atlanta and Boston in the United States where they have done radio interviews. They have also voiced a number of jingles for disc jockeys overseas and here in Jamaica.


"It has been very good feedback in terms of the response, the way the people have received it," Busy Signal revealed. "From suppen say 'Step' it's like me compatible to those things because a Step Out buss Busy Signal (back in 2006). So from 'Step' involved inna certain song that have vibe, me feel like me have suppen fi do wid it. Right away mi connect to certain things."

As it relates to the KFC commercial, nothing was planned. "The timing was just perfect. Not a lot of artistes get to do commercials for corporate companies. Corporates need a certain type of person to represent their brands and Chris already had a song called Big Deal; the thing just synchronise at the right time," he said.

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