Cherine hopes to inspire with 'Rise Up'

May 27, 2016
Contributed Cherine

During the course of her career, recording artiste Cherine has released a number of inspiring songs. Her latest release however, came about because a song inspired her.

Rise Up is a cover of the Andra Day original hit that has almost six million views on YouTube. Cherine said when she heard it she felt a connection with the song. "I can relate on several levels to the strong message of perseverance, having faith, and taking action to win or overcome struggles," she said. "I feel hope when I hear the lyrics and on many levels I am inspired to encourage everyone I come in contact with who might be going through a rough period in their life or maybe in pursuit of their education, career, business or just life in general. I want to tell them not only hang in there but to take action and to truly push themselves."

Having been inspired she wanted to create her own version, something with a bit of Jamaican flare. "I called on the reggae greats, Sly and Robbie and the amazing Steven 'Lenky' Marsden (keyboard) to create an infectious riddim," she recalled. "The new deejay verses really came so naturally. I was on my way to mix the song and my manager Patrick Lindsay said the riddim needed something else and once in the studio I just added deejay verses to the song to ultimately make it my own version."

She wants people to get the very important message that whatever their struggles are, they can overcome. "We all go through struggles, but even in moments when your spirit feels broken just know that your success is still ahead and hard work and perseverance will allow you to rise to unimaginable heights."

The song, a product of the 20 Six Music Group, is available on iTunes and Amazon.

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