Indecka seeks break with new single


June 23, 2016
Contributed Indecka
Contributed Indecka

Dancehall-reggae artiste Indecka believes he is on the verge of a major break with his latest single, 'Money Like NCB'.

He said the inspiration to do the song came to him suddenly one day.

"Mi get up one day and say mi nah sing no more sufferation song. When yu do that, sadness and sufferation follow you. Right now, mi a call in di money," Indecka said.

Indecka has carved out a decent underground following with songs such as Rice and Peas, Jah Protect Me, and Running From The Law.

But it is this song, which was released last month on the Brainhead Records label, that seems destined to be a hit.

"The feedback has been incredible. Everybody love it. Mi a get support from SunCity, IRIE, HITZ, and BESS FMs. We just a put in the work and the song has a natural energy that draws in people," the artiste who was born Chevol Grant, said.

Indecka was raised by his grandmother, enduring many hardships, and turned to music for motivation. Growing up, he often participated in the church choir. By age 15, he was writing poetry, and shortly after, he began putting melody to his penned words.

In 2002, he met Michael 'Jah Mikes' Bell, the producer from Yahbell Entertainment, and recorded his first song, Always Be There. Fast-forward 10 years and he is now signed to Brainhead Records, owned by businessman Sean Dias.

"We're going to shoot a video for this song given the feedback so far," he said.

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