Victorious: Good gospel on old school reggae beats

July 29, 2016
Gray Patch.

'Victorious', a gospel album by the artiste Gray Patch, is a refreshingly different piece of work that presents gospel music in a manner that makes it globally appealing.

The reggae-gospel project steers clear of traditional gospel sound, but holds true to the message of the word of the Lord.

The nine-track project features the uniquely different vocals of Don 'Gray Patch' Gibbs on the tracks, each unique in sound and feel.

It opens with a remake of the Bobby McFerrin hit song Don't Worry, Be Happy, originally released almost three decades ago. Don't Worry, Be Happy, when it was first released in 1988, carried with it a different sound and is a perfect lead-in for a project that will provide an interesting listening experience of good gospel music reggae style.

The Chimney Records-produced title track, Victorious, is perhaps the best song on the album, with its refreshing beat and uplifting lyrics that has already made it a hit in gospel circles.


Pep Inna Mi Step, an up-tempo track co-produced by Andre Lopez, is also a worthy listen and is in keeping with the general tone of the album that also features inspirational tracks like Father God My Everything, which features Shavon Mitchell doing vocals in the background.

Mitchell boasts writer credits on another memorable track called Break Loose and once again, provides adequate back-up for Gibbs' lead vocals. A remix of the song is also there.

Grateful for Life and Rejoice round out a collection of songs that makes Victorious a collectible for fans of good Jamaican gospel music that carries with it a

universal message.

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