Contractor collabs with Jethro Sheeran

October 28, 2016

Jamaican promoter/entertainer Contractor is to feature on a Jethro Sheeran single called 'Outlaw' that is expected to be on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie 'Rossi Boys'.

The single which also features the vocals of Trinidadian rapper Tim Starr, will also be on Sheeran's latest album Cornerstone. Jethro is the cousin of British pop star Ed Sheeran.

For Contractor, this latest project caps a fantastic summer that saw him successfully promoting his marketing company and hang out with some of Jamaica's biggest international acts during a five-week summer tour of the United Kingdom where several of them performed before huge crowds at a number of music festivals.

Contractor started as an artiste and had a major combination hit with Capleton and Bobo Zaro called Pain, which was featured on the Black Entertainment Network. Having done the marketing for that song, Contractor then acquired the skill for breaking songs locally and internationally and started the company, Contractor's Marketing, which markets and promotes music for some of the major labels in the industry.

"I have been promoting singles and videos locally in Jamaica for Morgan Heritage for the last three years," he said.

He was with the group this past summer when they performed before an audience of 20,000 at the Boomtown Festival in Hampshire.

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