Partygoers will not forget Kingston 5

November 03, 2016
Scenes during Smirnoff Kingston 5 (KGN 5) second anniversary party dubbed: the original "Uptown Streetdance" at Suzies Car Park, South Avenue, in HWT, St Andrew recently. The event hosted by Kubanz and Big Dreamz Entertainment

Kingston 5 Anniversary is an event many partygoers will not forget anytime soon. The heavens closed up after scattered showers across the corporate area, it was now time for business.

Dancehall's finest from near and far made their way to Suzies Car Park on South Avenue, in HWT, St Andrew for what was the most anticipated event on the weekend Smirnoff Kingston 5 (KGN 5) Anniversary dubbed: The original "Uptown Streetdance".

The event, hosted by Kubanz and Big Dreamz Entertainment, saw all the heavy hitters from the industry to include Ricardo 'Bibi' Gardner, Ian 'Pepe' Goodison coming out to show love and support to some of the most recognised faces in the dancehall arena.

Women, dressed to impress in skin tight outfits, 'ballers' pulling up in drop top vehicles, all gathered in the parking lot, some covered under the smoke of a spliff or raising a bottle above their heads in approval to mixes from Badda Bling, Dj Spugy of Zimi Sound and Coppershot with Cutty and Marc Chin.

Hits after hits after hits were dropped, the money pull ups were raining down. Selectors were more than happy to share the wealth with the females in the crowd.

"Nuff money a mek and mi kinda like that, so ladies come tek money," Discjock Cutty bellowed as he handed over thousands of dollars to the outstretched arms of hot divas that lined the main stage, all grabbing at a piece of the 'pie'

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