Gambian woman inspired Charly Black's song

December 14, 2016
Charly Black

Entertainer Charly Black recently celebrated the success of his smash hit single 'Gyal Yuh A Party Animal' that was certified Diamond in seven Latin American territories. The accompanying video has been viewed more than 78 million times on YouTube and has been instrumental to the song's success.

The girl who played the lead, he said, was the inspiration for the song. Her name is Coco Cora and she is originally from Gambia but lives in Germany.

"She is a friend of mine, a dancer, and is the motivation for the song as well, because when we are in Europe she is a girl who always tries to be at our shows. Sometimes she will even just walk up on stage and surprise me," he said.

"Earlier this year I told her she was the main motivation behind the song because she is a real party animal, and she actually cried."




There are also other women in the video, he said, who were with her at the bar in the video, who are from Italy and other places in Europe. He said while they were shooting the video, the girls liked the song so much that they went and bought it on iTunes.

"From there we knew the song would do well. So, the buzz really started in Europe, but the people in Central America bought the song more," he said.

The entertainer also paid tribute to Jamberchem Records who, he said, helped him find the location in Luxembourg City, as well as the director.

He also praised some local radio and dancehall personalities who he said, gave the song a lot of love when it was just released. He named Miss Kitty, ZJ Sparks, Johnny Kool, Foody Blacks, Timeless, Pressly Hype, Big A, Jenny Jenny and Arif Cooper, who, as far as he is aware, all supported the song from the get-go.

He had special praise for producer Kurt Riley and Technique Records, who were among the few who believed in the project from the outset.

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