Patrons create 'Ripplez' at pool party

March 07, 2017
This woman went to the extreme to get attention at the party.
White Face of Ripplez JA (left) hangs out with friends during the party.
Whiteface of Ripplez JA poses with his friend Shanique.
Shanice dances with a member of Dark Waters Entertainment.
Meet Portmore's Kelly Upsetter. She looks trendy in this black outfit.
Although this woman was talking on her phone, she was not too busy to smile for THE STAR.
This woman was far from shy, as she 'backed it up' in the party.
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer This hot duo was fashionable as they repped for Epic street dance.
This diva was all smiles while repping for Off Di Blvd.
Teena shows off her sweet smile and banging body.
These two seemed quite comfortable in each other's arms.
Chin turned heads in her swimwear.

Ripplez First Anniversary Bikini Rave Soiree pool party was certainly lit. The party, which was held at 4A Kirkland Avenue, East Kirkland Heights, in upper St Andrew recently, had the right ambience, and the partygoers were placed on a high.

Many patrons and party promoters turned out in their numbers to experience what turned out to be a great party.

"Our first anniversary was more exciting than my team and I anticipated it to be. It was high energy and epic from start to finish due to the experience of our DJs, Ali Parch, Badda Bling and SJ Nerro," Ripplez Jamaica boss Solji said. "I am truly grateful for the turnout. Party fans can lookout for another staging in the sexiest pool soirÈe series in June."

Here some highlights from the party.

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