Conflict surrounds Edi Fitzroy's burial

March 14, 2017
Edi Fitzroy

The funeral for the late Fitzroy Edwards popularly known as Edi Fitzroy is set to take place on Sunday, March 26 at Stuart Hall, Clarendon College.

But Fitzroy's nephew, Ali Edwards, who said the late singer assigned him with the responsibility to deal with his funeral arrangements, is yet to cover all the expenses associated with funeral.

He said Fitzroy requested to be buried beside his son at the Edwards' family plot on Suttons Street in Chapelton.

He also said the late singer didn't want "certain people" involved in his funeral arrangements.

Ali said he would ensure that his late uncle gets his desire even despite the challenges he has been facing.

"I have been receiving threatening phone calls from persons purporting to be calling from the Chapelton Police station," he said. "One man called and asked if I had the legal documents that I should take it in to the station or mi would be arrested. Mi never carry none and a never see any police turn up at mi house," he said.




Ali said he received two more calls of a similar nature and even more threatening calls from a female.

All this, he said, is due to another of Fitzroy's relatives wanting to take charge of the body to bury it at Dovecot Memorial Park beside the singer's mother.

Trevor Elliott, who produced some of Fitzroy's biggest songs like Princess Black, has made a public call via his Facebook account for financial assistance.

"Edi Fitzroy was a proud man and an artiste who rose to international acclaim, please I am appealing to all concerned to leave the emotional aspects out of this and give my friend the burial that he deserves. If someone can convey this to the Minister Of Culture, Ms Olivia 'Babsy' Grange for her intervention, it will be greatly appreciated," the appeal reads.

Ali also said that if any of Fitzroy's fellow artistes and friends want to help, they can contact him as he is looking at a $1.2-million funeral expense with so far just two donors, Elliot being one of them.

Fitzroy died on Saturday, March 4 in the May Pen Hospital, Clarendon.

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