DJ Lux upbeat after winning award

March 14, 2017
DJ Lux

Outspoken selector and radio DJ Lux was recently awarded Clarendon's 2016 best disc jock of the year at the annual Clarendon Entertainment award show recently.

The event was organised by the Clarendon Entertainment Committee, and aims at highlighting persons for their contribution to a number of areas in the entertainment sector.

Nominees are shortlisted by members of the Clarendon music industry, after which votes are tabulated internally to decide the winners.

Lux, who also dabbles with music production, told THE STAR the award is an indication that his work is not falling on deaf ears.

He is also venturing into artiste management and currently has two recording artistes under his roster.

"I was sure that I would win the award because I put in a lot of work last year. I feel very honoured to have received the accolade, and this goes to show that people really appreciate my hard work," he said.

Lux said Clarendon is a strong musical parish but its people are regarded as being 'rural persons', so their talents are ignored.

"That is one of the reasons I decided to go so hard last year, because I have to prove to the world that we can rival any place musically," he said.

The disc jock is now looking to release a new mixtape, among other projects.

"I will continue to play my role in putting Clarendon on the map where it belongs. We have the talent, all we need is opportunity," he said.

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