Turban X heeds 'Momma Words'

March 17, 2017
Contributed Turban X

Reggae artiste Turban X is overjoyed that his tribute song, Momma Words, has been generating such a positive feedback in ethnic communities in Europe and the Caribbean.

Spurred by the rave reviews from radio disc jocks, Turban X has quickly released a video to promote the superb track. The success is even sweeter given that Turban X said his mother played such as critical role in his life.

"I wanted to honour my mother for the sacrifice she has made for me and my siblings, and also to all women who have and will bring forth a child into the world and will love and care for them," said the artiste, who was born Warren Whyte.

He even conceptualised his stage name as a tribute to his mother.

"She used to wear a tie-head (turban). The 'X' as a musician, I 'x' myself out of the nonsense," he said.

Turban X has carved out a reputation for his soulful delivery on his songs where his voice bleeds over the tracks as he tackles subjects like abuse, religion and relationships.

"My music is fuelled by my experiences, that's why my emotions are so raw and real. My music is my everything, but I try to bring a positive message within," he said.

St Andrew-born Turban X migrated to the US several years ago but continued to hone his craft.

He last returned to Jamaica in August 2016 to record a number of songs at local studios.

He has performed in several venues with some of Jamaica's top reggae artistes such as the late John Holt, Ernie Smith, Bushman and Brigadier Jerry.

He also opened for Sanchez.

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