Dre Zee serious about music business

March 21, 2017
Dre Zee

Tommy Lee Sparta's frequent collaborator and recording artiste Dre Zee has been dabbling in production and video directing under his company SR Productions. According to the artiste, he is treating music like a business.

"I have been getting good feedback for my work. I have worked at Sumfest, and I am basically bringing a different style to the music industry. Reggae music is a good genre and it teaches people how to live. All we need to do is make some good music and stop singing the same thing. That is why I try to go different. The man dem nah treat it like business. Them a put out paper - plate song - one week and throw it away like when you go to Wendy's. Dem music a fast food," said Dree Zee, who is currently promoting Blaze Up, that was produced by Tony Kelly.




Dre Zee is also asking that his peers put more effort into the choice of topics they choose to cover with their songs.

"Up-and-coming artiste just keep doing music and don't give up. Choose the topic right and believe in yourself. Write things that can teach the youths. A long time mi a do this and mi nah give up," he said.

As for his decision to produce his songs and the visuals for his projects, the artiste shared that he believes humans should not limit themselves.

"Music don't have no limit, so we as man should not limit ourselves either. I am not here to focus on limitation, that is why I build my own studio. Every workman should have their own tools, and Dre Zee has taken that path. As far as the music can go, that is where I want to take it and that is why I invested in my own cameras as well," he said.

Dre Zee's label has also worked with Destiny Q.O.P., Star Khaliba, Chapter 9 and other Montego Bay-based entertainers.

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