Ratigan gives good advice on 'House Money'

March 22, 2017

Portmore artiste Ratigan has released 'House Money', his reminder to scammers who are wasting money.

"Dem nah do nothing positive and real, nothing substantial, nothing that appreciates over time, and that is why mi have to use dancehall culture fi tell the people dem the real thing, get money, and do real things, and bring value to the country," he said.

The song is getting a great buzz in the streets at dances all over the Corporate Area, like Boasy Tuesdays.


Community concerts


Ratigan, born Jamar Kelly, grew up in Braeton Phase Two, Portmore, St Catherine. He attended Camperdown High School where he discovered his love for music.

He soon began performing at school and community concerts before pursuing music professionally.

He started to record his own demos and mixtapes on rhythms he created.

International dancehall superstar Mad Cobra introduced him to Rohan 'Snowcone' Fuller in 2005, and Ratigan recorded his first professional track on the 'Applause' riddim.

He continued to fine-tune his skills as both an artiste and producer, working as an engineer at several recording studios.

He earned islandwide acclaim with the success of the 'Brixton Bounce' riddim in 2013. He began to tour with Mad Cobra and later co-produced Mad Cobra's number one, 'Teeth a Pull' alongside DJ Frass in 2015, and also produced Spice's hit, Needle Eye in 2016.

Ratigan is turning his attention towards his solo career, with the release of a mixtape dubbed No Shade, a mixture of hip hop, EDM and dance music.

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