Use music positively - Khardos

March 25, 2017

Seaview Gardens artiste Khardos is promoting a new song titled 'Dem Bruck/Pay Dem No Mind' and hopes his music will uplift Jamaicans.

"I try to create art with my music, but I also use music as a tool of encouragement and upliftment for every individual. We are going through trying times not only as Jamaicans, but as the entire human race. Therefore since music is a global language, why not use it make the world into a better place?" he said.

The artiste also refuted the argument by some artistes that music is only a tool of entertainment. He believes there is power in words.


Positive impact


"Look at a man like Bob Marley who used music to create a positive impact on the lives of people. I just want people to know that the same way in which music can be used to evoke positive behaviour, it's the same way it can cause war. So be mindful of what you put in the songs you put out in the public domain," he said,

Khardos' single was produced by Triple M Records and is featured on the Navigation Rhythm among several established acts.

"It's doing well based on feedback I am receiving from the streets locally. The UK, USA and the Caribbean are also catching on. It is getting increasingly hard to survive in the music industry with all the negative things that people have to say. But I am so focused on positive vibes that I have no time to be distracted," he said.

Khardos also recently released Greatness on the Suh Far label and Roll It produced by Gold Plaque Entertainment.

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