Glowing tributes for Eddie Fitzroy's final send-off

March 27, 2017
Eddie Fitzroy

There were glowing tributes and general good words for the late Fitzroy 'Eddie Fitzroy' Edwards, as he was given a final farewell yesterday at the Tent Citi Mission Ministries in Portmore, St Catherine.

The occasion saw scores of friends, loved ones and well-wishers turning out to pay homage to the life of the man they have known as Eddie.

Gladstone Wilson, former general manager of the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation, said Edwards was a mannerly and loyal member of staff during his employment as an accountant.

"He was a very good worker, who served the organisation very well. He was very mannerly and determined to do very well. I remember when he made his move to music, that he still remained loyal to JBC, and for that I always remember him," Wilson said.

The late Edwards was a man who was said to have touched the lives of many through his music.

"I can remember travelling with Eddie Fitzroy on a Sunsplash tour, and I found him to be a unique singer with a unique voice. I was specially touched by his humility, in fact, he was the one who taught me how to be smart and save money. It was during that time I realised that he was an accountant," Dr Tommy Cowan said.

Entertainer Tinga Stewart said the late singer was an inspiration and did good songs, but that he was affected by the untimely death of his son.

"He was a great guy, but every time that I see him, he was crying over the drowning of his son, trust me, he cried about it all the time and I believe that it affected him. The voice will live forever and that is consolation somewhat," Stewart said.

These sentiments were echoed by Delroy Willis, Trilla U, Major Mackerel, Carlton Smith and Tony Patel, who added that he was indeed a "humble" human being.

During the ceremony, there were items from members of the entertainment industry.

Radio personality Paula 'Suzie Q' Bonner, read the remembrance for Edwards, while Cordel Green and Desmond Young, read the first and second lessons, respectively.

Edwards died on March 4, 2017, after a brief illness. His remains were later interred at the Dovecot Memorial Gardens.

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