MIA to release 'Stress Free' by Smoodface

March 28, 2017

Public relations company M.I.A Production has again dabbled into the production field with a single called Stress Free by UK artiste Smoodface.

"The objective behind this single is to take it internationally. The video will be shot in various parts of Jamaica. Smoodface is already doing extremely well in The UK and European markets and as soon as the video drops, we will begin our campaign worldwide," said Nackesha Doyley, CEO of M.I.A Production.

M.I.A offers artiste management, bookings, tour organisation, social media management, and consultation services.

A few years ago, MIA released their rhythm called 'QMIA', which featured artistes, including General Degree, Flexxx, Patexx, Stacious, Iyara, and Voicemail.

"MIA's first project was a success and after seeing how talented Smoodface is, we came together, placed the single on a suitable rhythm, and produced the single. The single is a crossover track and I expect it to tap into the international market rather quickly," said Doyley.

Smoodface explains that collaborating with M.I.A was a power move and he is positive that Stress Free will dominate the airwaves once it is released.

"After seeing how well they are managing my career in Jamaica, I never hesitated to get on board with this project. This project is a definite win," he said.

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