Torch and Chiney KiKi collab on 'Your Love'

March 28, 2017

Reggae vocalist Torch is excited his brand-new single, 'Your Love', with Connecticut-based artiste Chiney Kiki has been getting excellent reviews.

The official music video is doing especially well in Africa.

Your Love was written by Chiney Kiki, and forms part of the High Hopes Rhythm, produced by Jace Records from New York, and Vladiir Krkljush, a musician from Serbia.

The single premiered appropriately with visuals on Valentine's Day.


Inspired by love


"The single was motivated by the experience and the feeling of love; I had the single mapped out and written. Since I always wanted to build a song and record with Torch, I reached out to him earlier this year, and he then added his verse, and we built the bridge together," shared Chiney Kiki.

Torch said it has an old-school lovers' rock vibe.

I've gotten calls from many media outlets, DJs and TV stations in Africa, who have added the single and video putting on their playlist.

Africa is where all the music started from, so it's only right that they would love it this earthy ballad there," Torch added.The two have now turned their energies to Jamaica.

"I just want Jamaica to recognise love and appreciate great music. Torch and I just want people to feel good to music, like it used to be," Kiki added.

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