Inkz backs 'Winners'

March 29, 2017

Jay Crazie Records recording artiste Inkz is getting a huge buzz in the streets with his latest single, Winners.

When he dropped out of school at age 14, he began hustling on the streets, peddling goods to supplement his family's meagre income.

"It was tough. My cousins taught me to read, and when they got distracted and couldn't, I read a lot, used the Internet to hone my skills in writing and learn things. I turned to music because it allows me to express myself," he said.

Inkz has carved out a reputation in Passage Fort, Portmore, where he is known for his gothic style of dress, his two-colour eyes because of a genetic condition, and his hard-hitting rhymes.

He has three diamond studs on the right side of his face, a guaranteed head-turner when he is out in the public.

"People ask me all the time what the three studs mean, I tell them, like how you have teardrops, I have 'pierce drops'. People might think the process is painful, because dem screw down a thing like an anchor in your skin, but I am used to getting tattoos, so I was never scared of the pain. Not everyone can handle the pain," he said.




He has performed at several community talent shows in the municipality. He scored a minor hit last year with a song called Pon Di Edge, that inspired several female dancers to put up videos on Instagram last year,

He said this motivates him to go all out with Winners.

"This is a song everyone can relate to, and the chorus for the song is catchy."

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