Blazay Blazay schools new dancers on branding

March 31, 2017
Blazay Blazay

Veteran dancer-event manager Blazay Blazay is advising the young crop of dancers to make simple dances and avoid copying break dance moves from the hip-hop genre.

The former John Squad dancer, who is now a member of new dance group Rula Squad, wants dancehall to return to its roots and improve branding.

He pointed out that some new dancers are not developing their brands, so many are not marketable. He therefore advises them to take a page from his book.

"We are one of the few groups that have a different dance for every rhythm and every song. When we are at a party, we make our dances on spot. We don't practise at home because dancing is an inborn talent and should be expressed with the music," he said.

Blazay Blazay said when you make your name by creating a dance and give your name, you are now the brand.

"Anywhere I go, once them hear Blazay Blazay dem recognise. If you can't create a style with a name and push it out there, it's hard for you to survive the test of time. So just pay attention to the legends like us and take encouragement. Put some respect pon wi name," he said.

He believes the Rula Squad, which is comprised of himself, John Hype, Shelly Belly, Rankle Dankle and Shankledip is the key element missing from the dancehall.

"It's been over eight years since we have danced as a group but wi still have it, wi never stop dance yet. The bag a flicking is not dancing and even though I wasn't dancing actively, I still made dances like the 'Boasy Bounce' and the 'Let Me Loose'," he said. "But this Rula Squad is a special thing because it takes special love to join as a unit and this is the unit to bring back dancing where it should be."

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