Champs fever at Mojito Mondays

March 31, 2017
FILE Ikel Marvelous

The 2017 ISSA-GraceKennedy Boys and Girls' Athletics Championships ends tomorrow, and even the entertainment industry is showing signs of 'Champs fever'.

The recently concluded Mojito Mondays saw popular selectors Ikel Marvelous and Flabba Dabba opting to dress in full school uniform as they juggled.

Besides the image of the uniform-clad selectors, they also introduced each song by poking fun at various schools.

During the Champs season, it is always advised that students avoid violent altercations with rival schools.

However, ironically, Ikel Marvelous told the audience that fighting with rival schools was exciting during his formative years at Kingston College (KC).

"A di nicest thing when yu see a bwoy from a next school and yu run him dung and beat him. Same thing with us, they try to beat us. Dem ketch some man still, but not me. Dem dweet, and we dweet so it's balanced," he said, before clarifying that he doesn't encourage that behaviour now.


"I wouldn't want a youth to get abused or beaten, I want to see a peaceful Champs. I would love to see all KC and Calabar sit together in peace," he said.

The selector also rubbished claims by co-ed institutions that all-boys schools have no skills with wooing females.

"When wi a guh school, we used to walk a girl from North Street to downtown, then take a bus guh link one set of schoolgirls at Cross Roads, then take a next bus to link another set at Half-Way Tree. All Spanish Town and Portmore fi [look up] gyal. Suh a foolishness them a talk," he said.

Portmore Society promoter Luigi is a past student of Wolmer's and a former schoolmate of Flabba Dabba. He said during his time in high school, Wolmer's students were never involved in Champs fights.

However, he did point out that KC students were their sworn enemies.

"Wi never have no problem with Calabar. But wi never like KC nuh day," he said.

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