I Black Lion pleads 'Set Mi Free'

March 31, 2017
I Black Lion

I Black Lion has released 'Set Mi Free', a song that boasts a reggae vibe with elements of electronic dance music.

The song tackles relationship problems, a topic many persons are familiar with and have experienced at some point in their lives.

In the song, he asks his lover to let him go and set him free if she knows in her heart that he is not the one she truly wants to be with.

The reggae crooner says he has experienced the heartaches and pain that come with a broken relationship and that this is what inspired him to pen this song.

"Sometimes you do more harm than good when you hold on too tight to a relationship rather than letting go. At some point in our lives, we have all experienced it. Some of us have reached the breaking point, but refuse to let go," he said.




Released early this month, the track has garnered quite a bit of attention on the local scene and has spread to various international territories to include South America, where it has become a mainstay.

"I Black Lion intend to revolutionise the reggae market and take my music to different places across the world. I envision nothing but great things and I know success is imminent," he said.

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