Range summons 'Inward Rasta'

March 31, 2017

Last week, singer Range released the video for her latest single 'Inward Rasta'. The song was produced by KheilStone alongside Elroy McCormack of Full Rev Entertainment.

Range explained that the concept of the video was inspired by the African culture.

"The concept has a rootsy island theme with heavy drums that play the foundation of our African culture. It tells a story that holds value that no matter what race, class, creed or religion, Rastafarianism forms the base of universal love and has a reputation that speaks spirituality to all," Range said.

The video was shot on location at Rasta Village in Miami, Florida. It was directed by Dewayne Weise and Jorge Castillo.

Inward Rasta tells the story of persons being judged based on outward appearance.

"The song is based on a mixture of perspectives, both on my own extended family structure as well as friends who practise and believe in the faith of the whole life, history and culture of Rastafarianism. The whole concept stems from living in a world where one is not judged or segregated based on what society expects as it relates to practices, beliefs or religion," she said.

"Inward Rasta speaks for people who may be frowned upon or judged in today's world because of their appearance. Though considered misfits in the aspect of such sacred religion, they are yet intrigued, fascinated and interconnected to Rastafari in some way."

Range, a former fashion model now residing overseas, is originally from St Ann.

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