Ruach Ru talks about the 'Playa Man'

March 31, 2017
Ruach Ru

Tide Jam recording artiste Ruach Ru is looking forward to the release of her thought-provoking single titled 'Playa Man'.

"This is social commentary. It's a very simple song about a girl who's in love with a man who's a player. Playa Man is also a play on words because the 'playa man' could be a player of musical instruments too. It's an excellent song, and I think it will do well internationally," she said.

Ruach Ru, born Claudia Harrison, launched her recording career in 2012 with the single, If We Believe, on the High Expectations label.

Since then, the entertainer, who is also a fashion designer and trained naturopathic therapist, has recorded several other singles, including Watering I, Who Am I and Hold Strong.

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