Entertainers dance to Champs beat

April 01, 2017
Mr Vegas
Razor B
Macka Diamond
Christopher Taylor of Calabar clears the corner ahead of the competion in the 200m class 1 boys semi-finals heat 1 with a time of 20.85.
Usain Bolt performing for William Knibb during his days at Champs.
Foota Hype


If you have ever wondered how much entertainers follow this staple of national track and field? THE STAR spoke with some of the country's entertainers about the ISSA-GraceKennedy Boys and Girls' Championships which ends today. Here are their pics for championship honours and their favourite athletes and Champs memories.


Vegas: I have not been on top of my athletics (laughs). When I used to follow it, I never had no special athlete or anything like that. I went there a few times like when Bolt was running and stuff like that, but them always beat the hell outta my school, Oberlin High, so it was not a big interest of mine.

2017 Picks: Calabar (Boys) and Holmwood (Girls)

Razor B: I love Champs! Too bad me nah go deh a Yaad. It a go miss me again this year. I love track and field. I am obsessed. The youth from Calabar, Christopher Taylor, is a good athlete, so me a look out for big things from him. I used to run, so I know talent. Me used to follow Asafa when him a run at Champs. In first form, his brother Donovan Powell, was the star athlete from St Jago (Razor B's alma mater).

2017 Picks: St Jago for both the girls and boys' title.

Esco:Since my alma mater, Campion is not in it, I don't really pick a side. I wanted KC to win last year until I saw the 4x400m. The Calabar yute who ran the last leg ... he won the race and me as a fan. I been following Champs since McGyver.

2017 Picks: Calabar

Foota Hype: Mi nuh follow Champs to the T innu because me always busy, so me can't get fi follow it the right way. A Calabar me used to go, so mi always know Calabar ago win. All Calabar athletes are my athletes, so me just a look forward to the win from C-Bar.

2017 Picks: Calabar (Boys) and Vere Technical (Girls)

Dutty Berry: I'm gonna say my alma mater, Excelsior High, will win this year. They are gonna surprise people this year on the girl's side. Outside of that, C-bar. Anneisha McLaughlin was a star athlete. She made Holmwood the school to beat back in the day. And all the colourful hairstyles.

2017 Picks: Calabar (Boys) and Excelsior High School (Girls)

Macka Diamond:I don't really watch individuals, just school names. KC as usual for the boys ... Calabar good too, but a KC. For the girls, it look sticky. I like more than one girls' school for the win. Edwin Allen and Holmwood ago battle it out. I can't wait!

2017 Picks: Kingston College (Boys) and Edwin Allen or Holmwood (Girls)

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