Schools get 'big up' from Maestro Don

April 01, 2017
Maestro Don

Dancehall artiste Maestro Don is seeking to capitalise on the Champs season, and has released a song paying homage to several schools in the Corporate Area.

The former Kingston College (KC) student told THE STAR that even though the song titled All School Anthem is made for the Champs season, the lyrical content is not dated.

"I will support KC. All the way to my grave, colour purple. But I decided to do the song because Champs time is the most appropriate time for it," he said.

Maestro Don said as a Kingston College past student, he had to 'represent'.




"But not only for my school, all the schools are endorsed. This song is not biased to my school. Mi a big up everybody. Mi even big up Calabar before mi big up my school, so that shows you that it's not biased," he said, noting that the song was produced by DJ Rinse from Cashflow Records.

While his high-school days are behind him, Maestro Don still has fond memories of the Champs season.

"Friday night is probably the most exciting night. From in the day we march to stadium, then in the night we walk to Half-Way Tree. The whole vibes with the drum is exciting, and we just parade the place celebrating our victories," Maestro Don said.

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