America is no bed of roses, says former homeless artiste

April 05, 2017
IPD Green
This homeless man was seen taking a nap on a sidewalk along Port Royal Street in Kingston in January.

Recording artiste IPD Green has released a single, 'Homeless', which is expected to raise awareness about the high number of homeless persons displaced on the streets of the Corporate Area.

According to the artiste, who is now based in the United States, he too was homeless at one point in his life. However, luckily he managed to get a job and gradually pulled himself from the street corner.

"I can relate to being homeless, and I was struggling at one point in my life. People think foreign is a bed of roses, but if you don't have the right resources in your favour you are in for a tough path. I spent nights on the streets without a proper bed to sleep in before I was able to rise from that situation. I wouldn't wish that experience on anybody.


Serious work


The US is not as easy as everybody in Jamaica thinks. We can't pick mango here and thief light and dem things deh. But you have to work to get what you need in the US Indeed, the currency is better, but you have to put in serious work," he said.

IPD said that travelling through the streets of Kingston has appealed to his emotions, and he wants to both motivate the homeless and raise awareness via his song.

"Sometimes I wonder if politicians travel on the roads we travel on and see the same thing we see. As a common man going through the streets of Kingston, you see poverty, and you really wish you could help, but there is so much you can do and no more. I just hope one day the leaders will find it in their hearts to help the homeless because the situation is sad that humans should have to endure certain living conditions," he said.

IPD Green, who attended several street parties locally to promote his Homeless record, also said he is not ashamed to tell is story.

"Great stories can inspire others and build inner strength. I am not ashamed to speak of what I went through, and hopefully it will make others better understand that they can survive, and most of all, don't give up on life," he said.

Homeless is currently available for purchase online and the music video has already been released.

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