J'cans rather pay US tax, says DJ Lux

April 05, 2017
DJ Lux

J'cans rather pay US tax says DJ Lux

Outspoken radio DJ/producer DJ Lux has hit out against some Jamaicans for complaining about the recent tax plan put forward by the Jamaican government.

"Jamaicans are prepared to join long lines at the US Embassy for visas in the blazing sun and visa applications cost over $20,000. Adding to that, they are also seeking entrance into a country that is known to be very stern with taxation more than Jamaica," he said. "So to me that is very hypocritical. How are you going to blast your country for taxation yet you want to live in America where you can get thrown out of your house or in jail for not paying tax?"

The DJ believes some Jamaicans have taken their freedom for granted. He also noted that despite the taxation policies, Jamaican governments have not pressured the Jamaican people.

"Many Jamaicans pay property tax when they feel like and they still haven't lost their homes. Many Jamaicans sell on the roadside and have opened shops at various places publicly without paying taxes. Now tell me could you do that in the US?," he said.

Lux said instead of crying for a roll back, it's better to demand to see the tax money spent on roads.

"But stop crying over taxation because you go out of your means to go live in the US under a more rigid system. Yes dem tek a few artiste car now and then for extreme negligence. But it would have been worse overseas," he said.

Bounty Killer and Elephant Man both had luxury vehicles taken away by the tax authorities in 2010 for non-compliance, while in 2011, Lady Saw had to give up her Hummer truck in a tax bailout agreement.

In contrast, American rapper Fat Joe and iconic actor Wesley Snipes were both imprisoned for their non-compliance with the US tax authority in 2013 and 2010 respectively.

The DJ also advised the opposition to desist from playing on the ignorance of the Jamaican people.

"We know you want to win again. However please tell the people the truth because when you win again you too will tax them. It's time politicians do the right thing and stop leading the people astray, taking advantage of their ignorance. This goes for both parties because the ruling party would be doing the same thing if the coin was on the other side," he said.

There will be increases in gas prices, alcohol, and tobacco. The Government also plans to reduce its threshold on electricity, which means Jamaicans will pay more if they use more than a certain amount of electricity.

Meris Haughton, chief communications officer at the Tax Administration Jamaica told THE STAR that locals have been more compliant to paying taxes following the implementation of new measures.

She also said if one refuses to be compliant after being warned, they can be imprisoned.

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