Nesbeth spreads 'Dream' across Europe

April 05, 2017

Reggae singer Nesbeth is now back on the island following a successful tour of Europe that started in February and ended earlier this week.

The tour saw the entertainer sojourning on the continent for five weeks as part of an ongoing campaign to expand his brand across that marketplace.

Playing more than eight countries with stops in Berlin, D¸sseldorf, Zurich, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Almere, Vienna, Helsinki, Paris, Brussels and Ghent, Nesbeth says he was very pleased with the reception and feedback he has been receiving following the concerts.

"Though not my first time in Europe, this is the first I am doing a tour of this magnitude, and I am very happy to say the response from the fans has been overwhelming. They are very appreciate of my music, and what is even more interesting is to see that some of my other songs like Guns Out, Board House and Ole Gangalee enjoying immense popularity in that space," Nesbeth said.

"However, My Dream was the clear favourite of the masses. In some cases, I had to sing it multiple times before departing the stage. Despite the rigours of being on the road for such an extended period of time, this tour was really an opportunity for me to connect with new fans and re-establish myself with those who are familiar with the brand already."

Nesbeth was especially pleased that fans braved the cold to see him perform.

But the tour saw Nesbeth leave the stage for media outlets in various countries.

Now back on local soil, Nesbeth is promoting the DJ Frass-produced single New Gangster, and the music video for Road To Glory. The official visuals were shot by RD Studios.

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