Artiste promotes black consciousness through EP

April 06, 2017
Emmanuel Anebsa

Reggae artiste Emmanuel Anebsa is making a spirited call to people of colour to rise up and claim their spiritual heritage. He is using his latest EP, 'Black People', to invoke black consciousness.

The EP's title song highlights the challenges of being a person of colour in England, where Anebsa claims that there is still widespread racism against minorities, as evidenced by the rise of Brexit.

"My music is positive and conscious and uplifting for black and brown people of all social classes. It teaches self-worth and morals and value of oneself. While I have not had much commercial success, my destiny is to speak to the people, as we come from ghetto and survived it," he said.

He called the drug epidemic a second slavery that enslaves the minds of oppressed people even as it diminishes the value of black lives trapped in urban ghettos.

"Crack cocaine is second slavery for black and brown people in the UK, USA and Africa. I care about my people even if they don't care about themselves. I am here to talk life and love and faith through music. Jamaica is beautiful, and I want to show them there is a better way to live," he said.

Anebsa, 45, is from Bristol, England, but is keen to pitch his Black People in Jamaica, his father's homeland. The lanky Anebsa (Amharic for lion) recorded Black People at Tuff Gong studios in Kingston with guitarist Earl 'Chinna' Smith, bassist Chris Meredith and drummer Squiddly Cole.

"I will be coming back to Jamaica to do another EP with deeper and better and higher vibes, 'cause we live the real ghetto life," the artiste, born Steven Emmanuel Wilks, said.

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