Wiltado on musical journey

April 07, 2017

Singjay Wiltado says he has been seeing major growth with his career since giving his single 'Take Mine' the proper promotion.

"I recorded this single a few years ago but I now realise that I never took the time out to promote it properly. I have faith in this single, and for that reason I am putting it to the world a second time around" he said.

The single was self-produced on his Central Records label and is available on all major digital media outlets and is being distributed by ADED.US Music Distribution.

He said he will be shooting and releasing a video in the coming months, and will be going on a small promotional tour.

The artiste, who made his debut with his single When You Whine, said he feels 2017 will be his breakthrough year.

"I took some time from recording to perfect my craft before going back in the studio, and I know my fans will appreciate what is to come," he shared.




Wiltado said he is also working on a collaboration titled Head Hot, featuring Banquel, which is aimed at the crime and violence in Jamaica.

"As an artiste, I can't turn a blind eye to what has been happening in Jamaica. It is a part of my duty to use my talent as a tool to help combat the crime and violence that has been taking place," he said.

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