Narki pushes music career despite challenges

April 12, 2017

Overseas-based singjay Narki is batting for his record 'Don't Act Like It' to assist with his rise in the music industry.

The artiste, who migrated to the US, told THE STAR he felt like leaving the Jamaican music industry behind, since it proves to be a difficult task to reside in the US and maintain a local presence simultaneously.

He believes young artistes based in Jamaica have much to be grateful for as it relates to promotion. He also regrets not spending more time promoting on the corporate party circuit while he was living in Jamaica.

"If I knew then what I know now I would have dedicated more time in the streets in Jamaica because here it's a different ball game. Dancehall and reggae are not the dominant genres so you have to go three times as hard to break a song from here to Jamaica. Jamaican DJs come here on a regular basis, but what are the odds that he or she is going to take back your song to Jamaica and play it objectively?" he asked.

Currently working on a music video for Don't Act Like It, Narki said pushing music from overseas can be an expensive career choice without the backing of a major label.

However, he still believes the cause is worth his investment.




"With social media and the change in society now, I believe time and effort does it all, and that is why I've invested so much into my music," he said.

Narki has been working with record producer SeanAlaric of Class One Music. He said he wants to change the segregation in the music industry, particularly the 'one-track-mindedness' and the biases.

"The industry has a lot of new-generation artistes who are making a name for themselves in the industry. I think that we are starting to see a change in the sound of dancehall. My vision for my music is to get it on the international level around the world, locally in Jamaica and abroad. My aim is definitely to be a brand, a mogul or a positive figure to the youths, giving them hope," he said.

Narki is set to perform at several events in coming weeks in support of the record.

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