Producers heeding Neeqah's sound

April 12, 2017

Fast-rising singing sensation Neeqah has many reasons to smile as she is one of the most requested new female artistes by local and international producers.

The daughter of celebrated comedian Apache Chief, Neeqah has already worked with big names like Jeremy Harding, Big Ship Records, Cornelius Records, Dub Akom out of France, as well as billboard producer Kickraux. And according to the artiste, her music is being very well received locally and internationally.

Neeqah said overall her career is going well. She noted a few of her singles are trending, including Mr Low Key, Trashawna and Stamina Mami.

"I do music by design not random words. I try hard to find topics and concepts that people can feel and relate to, which is why producers like to work with me. I always try my very best to create new sounds combined with thought-provoking lyrics," Neeqah said.




Born in Spanish Town, Neeqah is determined to further her father's legacy. He passed when she was only age 16.

"His death has given me a powerful drive. I know I can't let him down and/or myself. Ever since then my mother and my best friend Kejon have been my motivators," Neeqah stated.

Currently, Neeqah is gearing to officially release music videos for Stamina Mami and Trashawna.

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