Vegas chides some churches ... Says Christians should stop embracing pagan holidays

April 12, 2017
Mr Vegas

Sick and tired of some of the rituals associated with Easter, Mr Vegas, a professed Christian who made his name as a dancehall artiste, has called on believers to ensure the meaning of the crucifixion is not lost in the celebration of pagan holidays.

Easter is considered to be very important for the Christians who use the time to reflect on the on the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

But with the activities such as the painting of Easter eggs, the staging of Bunny race and the eating of bun and cheese being a prominent feature of the period, Mr Vegas is concerned that its true meaning could become lost.

“I don’t celebrate Easter. Most Christians don’t know their true roots, they are still locked in Catholicism and pagan worship,” Vegas said while explaining his reason for not observing one of the most important holidays on the Christian calendar.

“Some Christians symbolise Easter with eggs. However, Easter eggs were originally used during the feats of the goddess of Ishtar, all pagan origin. They have followed tradition and have distanced themselves from their own culture and have embraced the pagan rituals right through the year,” Mr Vegas said.

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IN PHOTO: Page Brown, a member of the Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church in east Kingston, re-enacts the crucifixion of Jesus.

The entertainer, who last year announced that he was heading back to Church, said that it has been a challenge for him to find a place of worship. 

“I thought I found a Church to congregate the other day and two Sundays ago they were talking about they gonna be dropping bunny eggs from a helicopter,” he said.

“I left and I am not going back.”

Mr Vegas told THE STAR that he does not worship at a specific Church.

"I just attend a gathering when my spirit leads me to. I am more interested in what Christ asked us to do which is to spread the Gospel every corner of the earth," Mr. Vegas said.


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