Woods goes spiritual with new track

April 13, 2017
Bobby Woods

Jamaica-born singer Bobby KP Woods showed his spiritual side with the recent release of a gospel single, 'God's Love Is Changing Me', under Webley Records out of Wolverhampton, England, to which he is also signed.

"I'm from a gospel background, and I have always been interested in gospel music, (particularly) Jamaican gospel music, and I took a shot at it to see if Jamaica would accept my music," Woods said.

He continued: "I want to release all types of music to do in Jamaica because it's a land full of great music. I love reggae music, that's why I'm doing this album. I'm coming from a soul Motown-jazz-blues-type of background, and I'm releasing an album soon, and right now, I'm in the studio working on it."

Woods has a great amount of musical experience coming from various genres. Don't Break My Heart is another single by Webley Records, which is currently being highly promoted.

Woods is slated to come to Jamaica, where he will be collaborating with a few artistes to compile his upcoming album.

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