Entertainers flood Boasy Tuesday with money

April 14, 2017

Female patrons who attended the most recent edition of Boasy Tuesdays, a weekly dancehall event held at Balmoral Avenue, Half Halfway Tree Road, Kingston, were given showered with gifts of cash and Easter bun and cheese.

Boom Boom, one of the resident DJs, gave away several parcels of bun and cheese while I-Octane, the STAR of the Month, gave away some $100,000 to the female dancers in attendance. 

Good Good Productions also gave away a significant amount of cash, and Dancer Marvin The Beast made sure his presence was felt by giving away three handful of United States of America bank notes.Image result for Marvin di beast, jamaica star

IN PHOTO: Marvin The Beast puts the moves on this Japanese dancer at a February staging of Yeng Yeng Fridays. The dancer was among the entertainers who gave away cash at the most recent staging of Boasy Tuesdays.

“This means hard work and dedication. I can do this every night because I work hard and I tour hard, and I make my money from promotions,” Mavin The Beast said after giving the money to patrons.

I-Octane, who performed briefly, claimed he carried more than $1 million to the event some of which he gave away.

“A long time mi nuh come here so mi haffi represent. Tonight me carry mi bag because mi a bring over a million dollars wid mi. Mi a represent fi all the cheerleaders inna dancehall weh mek the vibes possible. Big up unno self,” I-Octane said.Image result for I-Octane, jamaica star

Boom Boom, who was showered in money for his selections, said he felt so wealthy on the night that he was considering to purchase the venue.


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