Dee Dre wants to win fans with hard-hitting lyrics

April 18, 2017
Dee Dre

In the competitive world of music, lyrics, creativity and melodies are the ingredients required to separate one's music from the pack. Newcomer Dee Dre intends to bring just that and more.

The Cotton Terrace, East Kingston-based dancehall artiste is ready to make his name known in music circles with hard-hitting lyrics.

"I would safely say that I am a breath of fresh air in the music. I am bringing relatable music, a mixture of hard-hitting lyrics, flows and melodies crafted with strong writing skills," Dee Dre said.

His affiliation with music began during his teenage years when he wrote lyrics during his spare time, but it wasn't until he almost completed high school that he began to compose songs.

'I have been chasing the dream since 2011 when I released my first mixtape. The highlight for me has been the response to my current song, Real Winner," Dee Dre said.

To date he has done work with RTG Music, Ghana-based King One, Grab Dem Records and YGF Records, and Big Ship Records.

Commenting on the song Real Winner, Dee Dre said it was inspired by experiences in his life.

"The song is exactly how I am living and my mindset. I believe it is also very relatable as we all want to win, and I hope it can provide motivation for everyone who listens to it. If you haven't yet heard it, I suggest you do," he said.

Dee Dre's other releases include Youths Affi Rich, Drink n Rave, Issi Wine, Eager fi Wi and Darkest Days.

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